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Wheel Wolf  (warning) for Seasoned Horror Fans only.  Nail-biting drama. Bone-Chilling Violence. A beautiful Love that lives beyond the grave. 

Jack Bailey is just a few weeks away from beginning his dream career as Forest Ranger in the upstate New York town of Angel's Bend. Jenny Rudea, veterinarian in training, is madly in love with Jack, and the animals she cares for. On the way home from her house one night, Jack takes an unanticipated detour to Hosner Lake to bolster his courage and contemplate how he'll ask Jenny to be his wife. While there, he encounters something that raises the hair on the back of his neck. What is out there, on the other side of the lake? Is it a shadow, a hunter, an animal? Without a weapon or a flashlight, he is not about to stick around to find out.

He hops on his bike and heads for the main road where something leaps onto his back, causing the accident that steals his mobility, threatens his sanity. As if this isn't bad enough, when he wakes up in the hospital, paralyzed from the waist down, he has no idea what occurred on the lonely road, but is now a prime suspect in a murder investigation, because of what was found almost pinned to his body: a naked girl whose throat has been slit.

In his comatose state, Jack hears detectives interview Jenny at his bedside. He eventually regains consciousness, and is transferred to a rehab where he hopes to recover the use of his legs. The police are searching for a serial killer, bodies have been piling up across the country, as well as in Angel's Bend. While Jack struggles with his physical injuries, he must also defend his innocence.

Jack manages to get in and out of the window of his room mysteriously, at will, even though he's in a wheelchair. The only one who notices his disappearing acts is his physical therapist, Rachel Huntress, who is almost as weird as the predicament Jack has found himself in, because his extraordinary abilities, and changing appearance, don't seem to faze her at all.

There are tense scenes which include violence and raw emotion in this whodunit. Who is the murderous werewolf? Jack? Or could it be his high school rival, Detective Don Delgado. It's anyone's guess. Along with bodies, there are several possible suspects. This killer is not part of a pack. He's a ruthless rogue.

The story is stunningly intense, with gripping internalization from Jack's and Jenny's points of view. Packed with romance, suspense, twists and turns, this unpredictable, psychological thriller, will have you on the edge of your seat from page one until the bittersweet conclusion.

Love Dreams  Contemporary Romance Drama for Mature Readers

She's a beautiful wreck who hates men, but loves animals. Beaten and left for dead, she suffers from night terrors. When she keeps running into a gorgeous guy things heat up, but memories of abuse dampen the fire.

He's handsome. He's wealthy. He's in a wheelchair. His entire life has changed, and the past months have been hell. But there's a bright spot in Michael's life: Sienna, an adorable klutz who seems to always be falling, so why can't she fall for him? He offers her a ride, not his lap, but that's where she ends up when he comes to her aid after she's had too much to drink. This is the beginning of the hit and miss love affair.

As she strangled her packages, her hobo slid from her shoulder scraping her inner arm, then caught at her wrist. The momentum tossed three plump grapefruit out of a bag, up into the air. They hit the ground like mini basketballs. Blood rushed to her head that began to throb. Sure Dyson would pop up at any moment, she could almost hear his throaty laugh as he reminded her he had offered to help her to her car.

“Let me give you a hand.” The voice behind her was rugged and smooth. If oozing nectar poured sound, it would have been his voice.

Sienna couldn’t catch the grapefruit, but kept her balance as she pulled her sandal free, managing not to twist an ankle as she spun.

His dynamic shoulder span was the first thing to strike before her eyes jumped to his face. A breeze whipped his hair into loose mocha waves that gathered at his neck. He flicked away strands snagged by his lashes, then simply stared. More ...

Sweet Dreams Psychological Thriller Horror Serial Killer Book for Mature Readers

A serial killer is on the loose, moving up the East Coast, leaving bodies & notes. Planting roses in his victims. Leonardo Gibraldi, Baltimore’s sexy Assistant DA, is tracking the fiend who’s responsible for the grisly murder of his ex-girlfriend. Leo’s out for revenge — so is the killer. Between hunting the madman, and fighting off beautiful women, Leo’s got his hands full. There's one break in the case: An eye witness who says, “It doesn’t look human.”

“Mr. Gibraldi!” The female voice carried easily across the street; she made his name sound like an opera. The girl in the red, thigh-skimming skirt waved her arms frantically as if flagging a cab to escape a thunderstorm, or a dark night when a killer was on the loose. “Mr. Gibraldi!” she yelled again. “Your phone!”

Leo strained to see what the girl had in her hand. My BlackBerry? He patted his jacket pocket. After reporting in to Ginger at his Baltimore office, he’d been so upset, he must have left the phone on the crowded desk of the coroner’s assistant.

“Hold on—” Her voice was closer now. Through her white silk blouse, Leo couldn’t help but notice how the girl’s breasts heaved and jiggled as she ran across the street to meet him. Breathless, “So glad I caught you,” she said in a gasp. “Saves me the trouble of mailing this to you.” The girl with the beautiful voice held up the phone, then shoved it into Leo’s chest.

The fluorescents in the coroner’s office hadn’t done this redhead justice. In sunlight, her eyes were turquoise and translucent. Leo felt as if he was staring into the Caribbean. He cocked his head, furrowed his chestnut brows. “You’re the coroner’s assistant.” With a smooth voice, he reminded the girl who she was.

Leo would never forget the death photo of the rosebud dangling morbidly from Gina’s sealed and puckered mouth. Was that what he’d smelled inside the coroner’s office? Roses? Jesus.

Leo would never think of roses the same way again.

Gina’s love note finished with the words: Mommy’s here to tuck you in slut - and to help you keep your big mouth shut. I’m holding the scissors now. Sweet Dreams, Sleeping Pretty.

Leo tried to decipher the meaning of the note. More...


Fighting For You New Adult Romance Drama for readers over 17

Jewelia Delarosa isn't too eager to fight her way through another dead-end relationship. Then her eyes find his. By chance. He's like wine, rich and intoxicating. One sip rocks her world, and suddenly, she's drowning in a guy called Indigo. She doesn't know how to handle her overwhelming emotions. His mood swings. The two women who refuse to let him go. The battle is all uphill. Giving up seems the most sensible thing to do, but once she's tasted his love, given herself to him body and soul, living without him is not an option. Until she realizes, leaving him seems the only protection from heartbreak.

About to begin his residency at NYU Medical center, Indigo's plan is to rescue every child who needs him, even if it sucks the life out of him. He doesn't remember what happiness feels like. His mother haunts him. A wannabe girlfriend stalks him. He doesn't need another woman in his life. Then a stunning gaze captures his, and while fighting to resist, he sinks deeper into something he never thought could be his. Love has never been in the cards for Indigo. But a girl named Jewelia is as necessary as the blood coursing through his veins.



I inhaled deeply, trying to unclench my jaw. “What a mess this is turning into.”

“Only if we let it.” His lips found their way to my ear. “Can I call you during the week?”

I lay my palms on his chest, easing him forward, gazing into his eyes. He must have seen uncertainty on my face because he added, “I’ll call this time. And we’ll make plans for my next night off — a night we’re both free. Are you good with that?”

Nose to nose, he had me pinned, his arms stretched out before him, palms flat against the wall. There I stood, locked between his forearms, and he was closing in. Those eyes ... dark as the

night surrounding us ... penetrating ... searching.

“Can I kiss you?” he whispered.

“You already did in the club.”

“Not the way I want to kiss you now.  More ...


Beautiful Experiment, Paranormal Fantasy Romance, book one of Island of Defiance Trilogy

Six unruly teens are abducted on their way to a juvie home. Dumped onto an uncharted island. Could things get any worse? Hell, yeah. Hostility and envy run rampant. Throw in some alphas, divas and demons, and what do you have? Beautiful Experiment. Book One of the Island of Defiance Trilogy.


“Like it or not you’re here because your parent, your parents, legal guardians, or the state you reside in couldn’t figure out what else to do with you. Because you’re all troublemakers. Misfits. A threat to society. Now line up. It’s time for roll call. And watch

your mouth, boy.”

“You can say fuck and I can’t? What makes you so special?” The tall one bares a row of even teeth, white as the bleached shells littering the shore.

“When you’ve lived as many years as I have, you can say anything you want. But now, under my charge, you won’t curse, you won’t be disrespectful, you won’t argue. What’s your name,

boy?” Father growls.

The boy jerks his chin. “What’s it to you?”

“Interested in testing my Taser?” Father takes aim with his walking stick.

The boy sizes him up. His jaw pulses. “Reese Daniels.”

There’s a Winslow on the list, so it’s obviously her. I lift my brows. Offer something of a grin. “You must be Gabriella.” When her head tilts, she shoots a shocking blue stare in my direction, freezing me on the spot. For a moment I’m lost. I can just about move my pen to scratch a check beside her name. I’m speechless, because there aren’t any words for something so beautiful.

Porcelain skin envelops her sculpted features. A full, rosy pout emphasizes a cupid’s bow any guy would love to run his tongue over. I drag my gaze from her face, only to be ambushed by her body, and have to fight the urge to pull those luscious curves against me. If my eyes weren’t glued to her, I’d be doing some double-takes. She rocks a thigh-high denim skirt and tank top the color of her lips, which must be naturally pink, because the way she’s chewing on them only deepens their color.

“I need to call my parents.” Speaking directly to me, she swipes her face with tapered fingers, nails polished maroon, the color of her glistening cheeks. “I feel like I just woke up to a nightmare. I don’t understand any of this.” Her head lowers, and I’m no longer able to see her eyes. I’m myself again. More ...

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